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IT After Dark
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IT After Dark

Introducing IT After Dark, a virtual oasis for the beleaguered IT professional.

Eaton celebrates and supports IT pros, saving them time and stress with smart IT infrastructure solutions. So, when the pandemic-fueled shift to remote work gave IT pros more worries than ever to keep them up at night, we knew we could help. But first, we needed to engage more deeply and cost-effectively with an audience who historically resists it in the best of times. And this was not the best of times.

We realized that even though IT pros keep our world going, they lack a comprehensive resource to keep them going when the demands of the job don’t stop at 5pm. That is, until now. Introducing IT After Dark, a virtual oasis for the beleaguered IT professional.

We created a dynamic content hub that addressed a wide range of IT professionals’ concerns, including “deskercises” to counteract hours of sitting, meditation for stress management, practical power management tips to help their infrastructure run smoothly, a fantasy game that transformed IT problems into epic quests, and more. We even commissioned the first study in the country focused specifically on IT pros workloads, stressors, and sleep patterns.

In the end, we sold them on Eaton, by not selling Eaton products, proving that Eaton truly cares about the wellbeing of IT pros themselves, not just the wellbeing of their infrastructure. Our campaign set an all-time high of 65% brand familiarity among new contacts, achieved breakthrough engagement rates, and, most importantly, helped IT pros everywhere rest a little easier.


Our completely integrated campaign exceeded expectations and set new benchmarks in brand familiarity, engagement and cost effectiveness:

  • 65% familiarity increase among new contacts – all-time high!
  • 40% reduction in cost per acquisition (vs. Eaton benchmark)
  • 577% avg. engagement time with guide (vs. Eaton benchmark)
  • 277% avg engagement time with native content (vs. industry benchmark, no Eaton benchmark exists)
  • 7,440 readings of the children’s book (no benchmark)
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