Unlocking Merge Mansion

Metacore Merge Mansion Unlocked A stone statue of one of the Merge Mansion game characters is in the middle of a lush garden in front of a large mansion. The character in the garden is of an older man wearing a suit and a top hat holding an can in the air.
Metacore Unlocking Merge Mansion

Unlocking Merge Mansion

Merge Mansion has leveled up from “just a game.”

For Metacore Games’ opening of the in-game mansion in their wildly popular mobile game Merge Mansion, we welcomed lore lovers, subreddit gamers and celebrity sleuths into an IRL version of the mysterious Boulton family estate.

While the initial concept evolved through a handful of iterations, including an Airbnb contest, we championed the importance of welcoming super fans and influencers into a real-life replica of the in-game mansion.

During a one-day event in March 2023, select guests took part in an immersive, interactive experience in Los Angeles where they crawled through fireplaces, dug through pies for clues, and solved escape room style puzzles throughout the mansion with a goal to answer, “What is Grandma hiding?”

With easter eggs, surprises and Grandmas around every corner, BizBash categorized the unique experience as “part live action theatre, part escape-room, and part lore-museum.”


The event, influencer social posts, and post-event film featuring Pedro Pascal, Ashley Benson, and Jessie Williams, left fans and media alike excited and wanting more of the lore-filled Merge Mansion universe, generating 177.9 million social impressions and 356.8 million press impressions.   Fans even begged the question – is a Merge Mansion movie in our future?

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