Miami Open with James Blake

Cadillac Miami Open with James Blake
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Miami Open with James Blake

We shined a light on both Cadillac’s and the Miami Open’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

2021 marked year one of Cadillac’s three-year partnership with the Miami Open Tennis Tournament and the launch of its most iconic vehicle. It was also the year that CEO Mary Barra announced that General Motors would become the most diverse and inclusive company on the planet. With a 90% reduction in tournament attendance due to COVID, Cadillac faced a serious challenge. So, we quickly pivoted from a planned in-person event for 400,000 to the creation of custom content to engage tennis audiences stuck at home.

Against the backdrop of the 2021 Escalade ‘Never Stop Arriving’ campaign, we shined a light on both Cadillac’s and the Miami Open’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and told the story of how both entities continually evolve through innovation and reinvention. And we did it all using an extraordinary voice with huge credibility: African American author, social activist, tennis ambassador (and Escalade owner), James Blake. Blake’s compelling personal story resonated with our affluent, diverse consumers and linked Cadillac’s pioneering spirit of innovation with the Miami Open, the first pro tennis event in modern history to award equal prize money to men and women.

We created two distinct 90-second videos with James Blake: one with a social change narrative and a second with a vehicle-feature focus framed around personal reinvention.


During its three-week run, the James Blake content generated 4.2 million paid social impressions via Cadillac’s owned social channels. Leveraging Miami Open and James Blake’s social channels generated an additional one million impressions for the content and engaged tennis fans both away from the tournament and outside of the traditional Cadillac ecosystem.

“Jack Morton has set a high bar for the content”. – Cadillac client

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