Mini Matcha World

Magnum Mini Matcha World
An east meets west taste combination

Mini Matcha World

Instead of a large experience, we decided to go small. Or rather, miniature.

Made with high-quality, authentic matcha and Magnum’s signature crackable chocolate, Magnum Matcha is the brand’s first Asian-inspired ice cream flavor. With an east meets west taste combination, Magnum needed to launch the new product in a clever way that could transport people to Japan during a time when international travel was impossible due to the pandemic.

We decided to literally break the decadent mold. Instead of a large experience, we decided to go small. Or rather, miniature.

The Magnum Mini Matcha World was a unique getaway into a tiny virtual world filled with reimagined moments of pleasure. Consumers could escape their ordinary day-to-day lives and be transported to Singapore’s newest and smallest destination where they discovered seven different Japanese-inspired zones – from bustling cityscapes and fairgrounds to scenic locales – inspired by the newest flavor. Ice cream enthusiasts participated in a series of quests to search for hidden Mini Magnum Matcha ice-creams for the chance to win exclusive prizes.

To reach a larger audience, we also created and publicly displayed a real-life 3D model of the Magnum Matcha world. Magnum also partnered with local artisanal bakery, Sourbombe to launch a limited-edition Magnum Matcha inspired bundle containing three exclusive flavors of light, fluffy doughnut treats.


The results were just as scrumptious as the dessert itself. Our mini world garnered 32,352 online visits and over 2,500 contest entries on social.

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