MiSK Foundation

MiSK Innovation at GITEX

Bringing to life MiSK Innovation’s first appearance in Dubai

MiSK Innovation at GITEX

An experience to introduce a brand to the region 

 For the first time, MiSK Innovation was participating at GITEX as an official partner. We needed to introduce and present their brand for the first time at a public event. We also needed to raise awareness about their objectives towards startups within the region. We created and produced an experience with different engaging and interactive elements: workshop space, 1-to-1 mentorship meeting, AR station, meeting areas and ideas lab. The experience was visited by over 1400 people, including the royal family such as Sheikh Hamdan Al Maktoum and the Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Social Development. There were over 15 startup presentations and 10 workshops. We also created 96 mentorship meeting opportunities.  

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