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National Mobile Tour

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Green-White-Checkered: Winning with Chevy Motorsports

National Mobile Tour

It’s an opportunity to engage with Chevy fans and showcase the latest vehicles, accessories and performance parts.

When your brand was started by a couple of world-class racing drivers, motorsports is in your DNA. For over 60 years, Chevy has been synonymous with racing innovation and Jack Morton has been along for the ride for almost 20. From managing all of its consumer facing programs, on and off the track, to overseeing partnerships with NASCAR, NHRA, IMSA and Indy Car, it’s a herculean effort. More specifically, it’s top to bottom support of all strategic programs for Chevy racing — from sponsorships to brand activations and managing talent.

One of our biggest jobs is developing, managing and modifying an extensive mobile tour that hits an average of more than 40 stops across the country each year. It’s an opportunity to engage with Chevy fans and showcase the latest vehicles, accessories and performance parts. Anywhere from six to 20 production vehicles, show cars and specialty vehicles are on display for people to get a closer look under the hood.

We not only handle the production and logistics of the tour, but we also select the staff and train all of the consumer-facing brand specialists – making sure they embody the Chevy brand and are up to speed (pun intended) on the latest vehicle specs and products. We’re also responsible for the rotating content at the permanent Chevy displays at Daytona International Speedway and Indianapolis Motor Speedway, locations that host tens of thousands of visitors on race days.

Chevy is renowned for being the car of choice for some of the best teams and drivers in the world too. And we are well versed in handling driver appearances and understanding the nuances of personal services agreements. We help navigate the complex world of sponsors and talent to generate memorable experiences for fans at every opportunity – live at the track, at at other venues, or on digital media. And we do it while keeping the attention on the vehicles.

When we’re not busy in the infield, we’re also helping identify and negotiate relationships with a variety of tracks and facilities around the country to extend visibility for the Chevy brand. We evaluate opportunities, review market dynamics, make strategic recommendations based on business needs, determine the best assets to leverage, and help close the deals.

All these efforts help Chevy drive into experiential marketing’s victory lane time and time again.  It’s no wonder Chevrolet remains one of the best-selling car brands of the last century.

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