Next Big Thing

Next Big Thing
Scaling up a virtual experience and designing it to keep millennials engaged and enthralled

Next Big Thing

When COVID-19 hit and shut down live events, we had to figure out a way for the show to go on.

Each year, Officeworks hosts a team summit, the Year Beginning Meeting (YBM), for over 325 employees.  But when COVID-19 hit and shut down live events, we had to figure out a way for the show to go on. We landed on a virtual experience that we scaled up for an audience five times larger – all completed within a tight turnaround.

Bringing people together when you need to stay apart is tricky. But despite the challenges, we created a week-long live stream which delivered vital messages in fun, relatable way that mirrored how Officeworks’ largely millennial staff consume content. This multi-day, multi-layered hybrid experience, turned its new brand vision (‘Our Next Big Thing’) into tangible action and guided employees through a myriad of content that revealed new pillars of the brand strategy. The content blended information and interactivity that ranged from business updates to learning sessions that integrated live artwork, to game shows and variety programming.  A live Q&A session with the Officeworks leadership team finished of the week. Created using a mix of live and pre-recorded segments, animations and even props from Officeworks copy centers, the content fit seamlessly into the daily broadcasts.

Employees from across the business were engaged, chiming in about how they enjoyed the content, especially the comic moments. And our client’s response? “We’ve had positive feedback from across the team . . . a massive thank you for helping us deliver an amazing Year Beginning Meeting.”

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