Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s pop-up

Bringing a touch of 1960’s California to the streets of Shanghai

Peet’s pop-up

It wasn’t just about the coffee.

Peet’s Coffee is driven by the ongoing pursuit of better coffee.  So, when the original craft coffee brand wanted to make a splash in Shanghai, they turned to us to help separate it from the competition and show consumers a real coffee experience. Hint: it wasn’t just about the coffee.

We harnessed the one thing that really separates Peet’s from its competitors: it’s rich, 60-year old history.  We took guests back in time by recreating the very first Peet’s coffee shop right in the middle of Shanghai. This pop-up experience captured the retro ambiance of the original Berkeley, California establishment complete with busker performances, 1960’s swag and memorabilia, a cinematic tribute to founder Alfred Peet, and a wide-range of hand-crafted brews to buy and sample.


The experience was so popular, Peet’s extended it from 4 days to 6, garnering 85K+ RMB sales, 35K+ in attendance, and 11M+ RMB in online media exposure with 65K online engagements on WeChat. WeChat records also showed that 16% of attendees engaged with the Peet’s brand one month after the experience ended.

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