ComplexCon Long Beach

Reebok at ComplexCon | Case Study | Jack Morton
Solidifying Reebok’s position as a bold brand for the younger generation

ComplexCon Long Beach

Hittin’ Millennials at ComplexCon LA for Reebok

ComplexCon is dubbed the “Cultural Super Bowl”. It’s a curated convention of culture, music, art, food, style, sports, innovation and activism that draws sneaker heads and hype beasts. And it’s exactly where the next generation of Reebok fans would be headed. But they are skeptical of heritage brands, so Reebok needed to defy convention and show up with style.

To bring the brand’s attitude, penchant for disruption and evolving spirit to life, we created an immersive awe- inspiring experience that made heads turn and social media posts trend. Nodding to Reebok’s iconic, 90s heritage, each element drew in attendees at every turn.  It was part arcade, part street, and all Reebok.

Multisensory interactive displays, fog screens, infinity mirrors, conveyor belts, 3D holographs and immersive showcase areas made the brand’s rich history come to life. Leveraging the desire for ‘steal worthy’ looks and acquiring goods by all means necessary, we made “buying things off the back of a truck” our creative hook. Designed to look like a box truck breaking through the wall, this was the centerpiece for crowd pleasing product drops. A neon-lit tunnel entrance also stopped attendees in their tracks and generated real-time buzz online.

Over two days, several product drops featured appearances from Allen Iverson, Swae Lee and Lil’ Baby. Guests were also invited to shop for new merch while interacting and engaging with each other and Reebok staff.


Over 5300 unique visitors explored the experience, and the average dwell time was almost seven and a half minutes. Over the two days, the fun never got get old. Just like Reebok.

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