SS18 Event

Giving retailers the opportunity to live the Reebok experience

SS18 Event

Live the culture. Live the passion. Live in the product.


Reebok has ONE opportunity per year to get retailers to BUY BIG and in 2017, SS18 was it!

Reebok had to show their retailers that they are the only brand in the fitness space that can deliver the product, the innovations, the assets and the marketing strategy that will drive true fitness customers to their stores.


The best way to convince retailers to buy products from the brand was to create an experience that allowed them to LIVE the brand each and every moment they spent in Barcelona. Live the culture. Live the passion. Live in the product. Experience everything that Reebok would deliver to the retailer’s customers when they showed up in their stores.


Product innovation from athletic brands is expected. Style and design are the x-factors.

We had to immerse our attendees in an experience that would bring the Style of Innovation to life at each and every touchpoint of the event. Every component of the event needed to be innovative and needed to reflect the style and creativity for which Reebok is known.

We set out to create an experience for retailers that:

  • Enabled them to “live the brand”.
  • Enticed them to engage in product experiences. These experiences needed to reflect digital experiences that consumers could see at retail.
  • Integrated both retail display technology and interactive digital experiences into the overall event experience.
  • Included a custom, digitally driven Innovation Room that is entirely show controlled through one device.


For a week, Reebok took ownership of the entire W Hotel in Barcelona along with a unique main tent event space typically used for constructing racing yachts, which we affectionately called the Boat Box. The contrast between the incredibly stylish and modern W Hotel and the raw and gritty nature of the Boat Box perfectly accentuated Reebok’s brand persona.

The main components of the event were a 90-minute Brand Experience show and then a deeper product immersion in a series of brand galleries, product showcases, innovation and product design rooms. Add to that attendee fitness events, incredible nighttime parties, and an all-in experience design approach to put the Reebok brand front-and-center at every turn-and we had the makings of an epic event.

The 90-minute Brand Day experience, executed at the Boat Box, was content delivery and experiential theater at its best – a huge opening experience that artfully combined live music, 25 dancers, 360-degree product imagery and interactive motion graphics perfectly choreographed to the dancer’s movements. Additionally, we integrated 2 high-end fashion shows, 31 videos, and 3 celebrity/partner appearances into the show.

Back at the W Hotel, attendees entering the product and brand galleries witnessed the first-time-ever integration of digital display and interactive technology into the experience. The impact was instant and effective with retailers inquiring about bringing those actual digital experiences into their very own stores.

Our Product Innovation Room was a stand-out experience that immersed attendees in the future of Reebok product development. This all-white space was a total storytelling environment where every wall featured a specific product technology story. Through dynamic storytelling, sound and light transitions, multiple video surfaces, robotic arms and even a big reveal moment utilizing automated turntables, the experience was as experiential as it was informative.


Engagement: The exterior digital storefront and in-store product-to-screen interactive activations generated 7,400 touches, resulting in 1,747 product video plays. This blew away expectations by nearly 700% given our initial goal of 250 attendee interactions.

Conversion: More than 20 retailers, inquired about purchasing the digital retail experiences to install in their stores. This level of interest illustrates our success in making Reebok look modern and innovative in their retail spaces.

Client Satisfaction: After the event, Reebok President was heard labeling the event the “best brand experience ever.”

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