It’s time to level the media playing field

In 1972, the Title IX law in the United States opened the world of sports for women athletes. But 50 years later, the fight for gender equality was being fought on a different field.

40% of athletes are women, yet they receive only 10% of the media coverage.

As the brand with the largest number of female buyers and a major sponsor of the NCAA, we saw an opportunity for Buick to take a stand. For her. And increase visibility for female athletes by sparking a movement designed to help fans and the media, #SEEHERGREATNESS.

First, we helped Buick make a financial commitment to invest equally in media for women’s and men’s sports. With the help of our partners, Buick called out the disparity in media coverage via provocative commercials that launched during the start of NCAA March Madness, the national college basketball tournament in the U.S. A helpful QR code in the spot directed fans to a microsite to further educate viewers on the issue.

To expand the campaign, we helped Buick secure a partnership with TOGETHXR, a media company started by extraordinary female athletes, to host #SEEHERGREATNESS Huddles – powerful conversations with inspiring athletes. We took the campaign on the road, traveling to women’s championships in our #SEEHERGREATNESS bus to bring the conversations to fans across the nation. Buick shared recordings of the Huddles online and hosted a Tik Tok challenge for female athletes to show their greatness. Helping the conversation to continue beyond the live experience.


Combined, these integrated efforts generated a groundswell of support that finally succeeded in moving the needle for women’s sports coverage.  Achieving 497 million impressions, 7.2 billion hashtag interactions and 2x’s higher purchase consideration for the Buick brand.

Most importantly, the media heard our plea and for the first-time ever, ESPN aired the 2022 NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship during primetime, generating some truly impressive ratings for the network. And ABC announced that they will air the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship on primetime in 2023, bringing women’s sports to broadcast television in households across the nation.

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