ComplexCon Chicago

A slam dunk at ComplexCon Chicago

ComplexCon Chicago

Go big or go home has never been more relevant when you want to show up and impress the hype beast generation.

Short attention span culture vultures that live or die by the resale value of a limited-edition sneaker collab are hard to impress, so when Reebok turned up at ComplexCon Chicago, we knew we had to create a showstopper that would hook consumers to stick around and soak up the brand. The result? Shoot to Win — a ‘90’s inspired basketball experience complete with a streetball announcer and a DJ cranking up the tunes. Reebok’s bold brand was dropped right into the middle of a high-energy street carnival.

Players walked away with Reebok products and prizes. Highest scorers were given an attempt at the Reebok SuperShot Challenge – a 25’ long-distance shot and a chance to win a diamond pendant and chain custom designed by Reebok’s celebrity partners Eric Emanuel and Allen Iverson, who also made a guest appearance.


With carnival-style snacks and surprise visits by well-known social influencers and entertainment icons, the activation was a full court win for the brand garnering an attendance of 3000+ attendees and a dwell time 600% higher than originally projected.

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