Single Estate Rye Series @ Bar Con 2018

Belvedere Vodka Single Estate Rye Series @ Bar Con 2018
Belvedere Single Estate Rye Series @ Bar Con

Single Estate Rye Series @ Bar Con 2018

179 million media impressions.

How do you launch two distinct Belvedere vodkas in the crowded space of Bar Convent Brooklyn, the only event for qualified bar and beverage industry professionals? With a twist, of course.

To help Belvedere Vodka launch their new Single Estate Rye Series, we brought the distinct flavors of a Polish provenance to Brooklyn by creating an immersive and exclusive environment that showed spirits enthusiasts from around the nation how climate variation affects the taste of superior rye to create vodka with character.

Belvedere’s Smogóry Forest and Lake Bartężek vodkas took center stage as guests explored two different “estates”. A lake space reflected Poland’s Bartężek estate which is dotted by thousands of lakes, with harsh and snowy winters. And a forest space, inspired by the Smogóry region — a heavily forested area with tall woodlands that maintain the purity of the environment. Both spaces integrated dramatic sound and lighting, live greenery and rich wood to create a refined, natural and authentic environment.

During tasting sessions, the Single Estate Rye Series and Belvedere stories were shared. Five signature cocktails were created and served by an elite cadre of world-renowned Belvedere Collective bartenders.

The two-day U.S. launch of the Single Estate Ryes Series was a huge success amongst media and influencers.

The work earned results worth toasting about.

  • 179 million media impressions
  • 34 pieces of media coverage.
  • 5.5. million impressions on social
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