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Fox Sports – Stage A​

Stage A

A revolutionary environment on every level

Together with Fox Sports, the design team at Jack Morton reimagined sports broadcasting with a massive, two-story studio that takes a bold leap into the future. The new Stage A, Fox Sports’ flagship studio in Los Angeles, is a revolutionary environment on every level. From its sleek aesthetic, inspired by modern stadium architecture, to its very scale and plan, to its seamless integration of the most sophisticated display technology, Stage A is a ground-breaking marvel.

With flowing shapes that define the studio, the scenery unfolds with lit lines and beautiful glass railings that sweep along the edges of every level. The new design matches its grandeur with an expansive use of technology. Powerful LED displays are integrated throughout the set, with every wall incorporating screens in distinct shapes. These arrays become intuitive windows that effortlessly bring storytelling support wherever the talent may be.

But the real technical showpiece is a fully integrated LED volume, nicknamed “The Cave.” With (3) walls and a complete floor made of LED tiles, this impressive area allows for the creation of virtual set extensions powered by real-time rendering software.

Ultimately, Stage A is a storytelling platform, and the LED volume allows hosts to tell more immersive, interactive, and engaging stories in each segment. And while it truly is the showstopper, it was designed to work harmoniously with the rest of the stage for a seamless viewing experience that gives hosts more freedom and gets fans closer to the action. This complete hybrid environmental design of Stage A is truly at the vanguard of sports broadcasting. Another bold statement from Fox Sports.

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