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Super Bowl LV

Super Bowl LV

Super Bowl LV

When millions of eyeballs are glued to the biggest football game of the year how do you design a standout set that stuns viewers and meets COVID-19 protocols? You go bigger and bolder than ever before.

In February 2020, Jack Morton was tasked with designing its 5th set for CBS Sports’ Super Bowl. We brought forth some stunning eye candy that would showcase the flavor of the big game. Then, COVID happened, and the work had to be reimagined for a new era of social distancing and safety.

The result was a larger-than-life concourse set, big enough to accommodate spacing, but still with an intimate feel. Designed to feel holistic and blend nicely with the stadium, modern touches were added to complement CBS\Viacom’s graphic package. Accents of steel and glass at angles were incorporated to reflect the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Darker woods on the anchor desk, a large horseshoe design, paid homage to old wooden ships. The color palette was light, white and bright with warm woods and white concrete to reflect the sands of Tampa and sharp angled light box walls frame the set allowing for a striking proscenium into the space.

The result is a stunning broadcast experience – one that almost 100 million people watched. Now that’s a touchdown for CBS Sports.

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