The Biggest 7th Inning Stretch Ever

The Biggest 7th Inning Stretch Ever
Unleashing the biggest 7th inning stretch ever for T-Mobile

The Biggest 7th Inning Stretch Ever

T-Mobile decided to unleash the 7th inning stretch.


T-Mobile was looking to leverage its sponsorship of Major League Baseball during the 2014 postseason in a bold new way. The postseason is the highest engagement point of the year, reaching both avid and casual fans. T-Mobile decided to use this opportunity to grow consideration for the brand among MLB fans by creating a completely fan-driven experience that capitalized on their biggest asset—their network—while making a meaningful contribution to the postseason and creating quality brand impressions.


We created a user-generated content, social-first campaign that put the fans first and tapped into baseball’s time-honored 7th inning tradition. We created the world’s biggest 7th inning stretch ever.

T-Mobile decided to unleash the 7th inning stretch.


We created a user engagement program that tapped into this time-honored tradition, making it fun and easy for baseball fans everywhere to take part in what we called “The Biggest 7th Inning Stretch Ever”. It was a simple idea: grab your phone, grab your friends, sing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”, and upload your video selfie to T-Mobile’s custom tool for the chance to be featured in a 60-second spot during Game 4 of the World Series. We leveraged the strength of their network by encouraging participants to upload their videos over the “Data Strong Network”. This simple idea gave T-Mobile the springboard they needed to pay homage to the game while increasing brand awareness and giving thousands of fans the opportunity to be part of baseball history.


“The Biggest 7th Inning Stretch Ever” allowed T-Mobile to tell their network story and leverage their MLB sponsorship while celebrating America’s pastime with a campaign entirely driven by the fans. The campaign deftly built on the excitement of the postseason and generated millions of impressions across social media, in-stadium and through broadcast—and it all came together in less than 30 days.

+40 million Twitter trend impressions

800,000 in-stadium impressions

12 million avg viewers per game

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