The Cheddar Twins Save Lunch

CHEEZ-IT Snap’d: The Cheddar Twins Save Lunch

The Cheddar Twins Save Lunch

The new CHEEZ-IT Snap’d crackers are a flavorful snack with the power to uplift your day.

To introduce this new product to consumers, we set out to create an experiential sampling campaign that would save lunch. 

Introducing, the Cheddar Twins! A duo of street-smart double agents whose mission is to infiltrate mealtime and save lunch with powerful teamwork and acrobatic finesse. 

For too long, lunch has been held hostage by its mortal enemy: boring, flavorless chips. Leaving morose office workers like Sad Sally to mope over a pathetic, brown bag lunch. But then the Cheddar Twins arrive on the scene to snatch those boring chips away and introduce Sad Sally to the delicious CHEEZ-IT Snap’d crackers. Turning Sally’s frown upside down.  

Our SNAP’d Sidekicks joined the mission with Mission Impossible style bags to hand out samples of Double Cheese Snap’d crackers and promo cards to every lunch-goer. Leveling up lunch for everyone.  


Through a combination of guerilla style and venue targeted stops at cities such as New York, Milwaukee, Chicago, DC, and Nashville, we saved a total of 187,200 lunches. Lunch-goers were invited to take photos with the Cheddar Twins and share the content on social with #SnapdMyLunch. 

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