LIVE Fest 2024


TikTok LIVE Fest 2024


A wonderful, content-fueled experience.

TikTok LIVE Fest is an annual event that celebrates the achievements of TikTok LIVE creators from all over the world and, in 2024, we set out to help Tik Tok bring LIVE Fest to Miami for their most spectacular show yet.  

From the moment creators registered for the event to the culmination of the awards ceremony and after party, we produced an unmissable, immersive experience that amplified creator connectivity through all touchpoints. We reimagined the red carpet with an impressive TikTok branded entrance and interactive ‘Welcome Wall’ to encourage engagement and creativity. Around the venue, we crafted vibrant installations and content creation moments for creators to go LIVE. The stage design was key, with multiple large phone screens as the backdrop and giant inflatables inspired by key TikTok visuals creating a fun, sharable environment in person, and for online viewers. Everything was crafted with an unmistakable TikTok look and vibe throughout.  

Broadcasted on TikTok to over 3 million viewers, the awards show was hosted by A-list talent Terry Crews and TikTok star TK, with live music performances from Meghan Trainor. Plus, of course, our 400 creators streamed live and involved their followers throughout their experience, from the red carpet to activations and the awards show. 


With this wonderful, content-fueled experience, we opened the possibilities for creators and created a ceremony that surprised and delighted audiences everywhere.  It generated 55 million impressions, 2.7 million unique viewers,  

72.7k peak concurrent users and led to 8k+ new TikTok followers.  

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