LEGO Star Wars

The Yoda Chronicles Cartoon Network Premiere

The Yoda Chronicles Cartoon Network Premiere
Using the force for LEGO Star Wars

The Yoda Chronicles Cartoon Network Premiere

A living, breathing, sharable LEGO Star Wars world loved by families

The beloved LEGO and Star Wars brands needed to make “new news” while building anticipation for The Yoda Chronicles Cartoon Network premiere.

We tapped into LEGO play between parents and children with an addictive adventure for all. “Secrets to Reveal” would unite families to collaborate, using the power of the force and their own imaginations to reveal the most epic event in LEGO history: an interactive installation of the largest LEGO model ever built, right in the heart of Times Square.

Our infinitely shareable campaign moved easily from online spaces to playroom floors to the ultimate LEGO brand experience: Joining with Yoda to reveal the mysterious X-Wing ship in its gigantic glory. Families leapt at opportunities to share their excitement and participation. We kept the engagement high by simultaneously launching the LEGO Star Wars The Yoda Chronicles app for users to solve puzzles and complete challenges with favorite characters.


Witnessed by thousands, but experienced by millions through social media and press coverage, the 3-day live experience saw Twitter trending for #LEGOstarwarsNYC.

+43% same-month sales

1 billion impressions

2.2 million app downloads

Global attention for the overall campaign exceeded the wildest expectations, giving LEGO Star Wars more than 8X the brand impressions it had received versus the entire prior year.


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