Website Redesign

Go RVING Website Redesign

Website Redesign

Selling the RVing lifestyle to millennials on the move

Go RVing, the consumer-facing voice of the RV industry, wanted to update their website to appeal to a new generation of millennial travelers. Knowing millennials had a mixed perception of the RV lifestyle, Genuine set out to create a site that showed RVing in a contemporary and exciting light.

With a visual identity that embraced movement, spontaneity and flexibility, content that resonated with millennials (big appetite for adventure, on a budget), a collection of 3D RV models, and a user experience that encouraged exploration, Genuine paved the road for success for GoRVing. For more detail, visit wearegenuine.com


In the first three months of launch, the site saw a 560% increase in sessions, 60K interactions with 3D models, 26K “Find my RV” quizzes taken, 8K visitors used the compare RV tool and a 10x increase in dealer searches.


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