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truth Website Redesign
Enriching a public health organization’s user experience

Website Redesign

Much like taking down big tobacco, crushing goals like improving user experience, increasing site traffic, boosting content consumption, optimizing for mobile, and strengthening brand awareness, all start with getting the facts.

The fight against big tobacco is the driver behind the Truth Initiative®, one of America’s leading nonprofit public health organizations. Rooted in deep research and policy studies, Truth Initiative is a trusted public health resource with enormous volumes of important, life-changing content. But that content is only valuable if it is discoverable.

Enter Genuine, our digital transformation experts, who rearchitected and redesigned the user experience to make sure the visitors – on desktop, and for the first time on mobile – could find and share the right research and inspire positive change.

Like Truth, Genuine worked from the facts. To learn how audiences were engaging with the site, Genuine employed multiple layers of user testing including card sorting, tree testing, and usability testing. Then they used smart, data-driven design and a best-in-class CMS to achieve the Truth Initiative’s goals in style and immediately increase site visits. For more information, visit


The new mobile optimized site helped content index higher on search engines, driving more search traffic and brand awareness. Enhancing the newsletter CTA increased signups almost fivefold. Even replacing the placement of social share icons increased the number of new monthly follows by over 20%. And an outstanding accessibility score (97/100) meant more people could access, engage and share Truth’s content than ever before.

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