Outsmarting the competition


A highly educational, efficient and tightly, targeted media campaign

In a crowded marketplace dominated by well-known tech giants, Hyland is a brand you may not recognize off the tee. To give Hyland a boost in brand awareness, we needed to outsmart the competition.

We identified Hyland’s sponsorship with fellow underdog and PGA Tour Pro golfer, Xander Schauffele, as the perfect opportunity to connect with our c-suite audience. Through the shared passion for golf, we demonstrated how Hyland’s data solutions are the X factor c-suite audiences need to unlock better business performance.

To tell our story, we devised a highly educational, efficient and tightly, targeted media campaign with Xander’s team as the star. From social media to video content to native articles, each piece was crafted to showcase the parallels between Hyland’s approach to business and Xander’s team-oriented, and data driven approach to the game of golf. Building true awareness, understanding, and affinity among our audience for both partners.

To increase visibility and guarantee further brand awareness, we renegotiated Hyland’s sponsorship agreement, moving the Hyland logo from Xander’s bag to his sleeve.


The campaign exceeded expectations, generating 61 million impressions for the brand and a 109.17% increase in awareness among the core audience. Resulting in a breakthrough sponsorship campaign on par with Xander’s own stellar season performance on the course.

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