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cantroller esport marketing event
Cracking open esports: A unique experience to celebrate the world’s first gaming controller you can drink


Gaming and beer traditionally don’t go hand in hand.

Mostly because where do you put your controller when you drink your beer? MillerLite, looking to make its entrée into the growing esports category, figured out how to solve this dilemma by creating the world’s first game controller you can actually drink. Unveiling it to a die-hard, skeptical community without coming across like a poser became their next challenge. To reveal this drinkable, playable, and recyclable Bluetooth innovation, the brand headed to E3, the beast of gaming conventions in Los Angeles, to create a product drop fit for gamers.

The Cantroller Lounge was a hidden, after-hours hot spot, where attendees battled it out in a Street Fighter tournament with a chance to face off against celebrity talent and avid gamer, Eric Andre. Winners walked away with their very own autographed Cantroller (a $1,000 value).

The results speak for themselves. Our launch garnered over 600K online viewers in a mere four hours. That’s 20,000% more than the average Twitch Street Fighter stream.

We also broke through the noise with over 641 million impressions during a time when share of voice is at its most competitive.

 Additional agency/vendor/supplier credits: ICF Next, DDB, Connect, Unit 9 (produced Cantrollers). Creative Technologies (AV), Plum Precision (Lighting), Prism DJ (entertainment), SO Group Realty (venue), Bel Air Internet (Internet service), Event Technologies LTD (custom app), Jay’s Catering Co (catering), Super Color Digital (signage).

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