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Tonal House

Bringing athlete partnerships to Tonal for Super Sunday

Football’s season finale is one of the biggest events of the year, and it was the perfect opportunity to position Tonal as a leader in sports, fitness, tech, lifestyle, and culture. Over the course of three days, Jack helped bring to life Tonal House – a full-service destination for athletes, creators, and tastemakers.

Equal parts hangout, workout hub and content studio, the hub allowed Tonal to drive awareness and credibility during the most visible annual event in the country.

Over the course of a couple months, Jack identified, negotiated, contracted, and managed 17 athlete partnerships. Across multiple genres of sports, genders, and ethnicities, the partnerships generated buzz while building credibility in an ownable and impactful way. To top it all off, this Super Sunday event also included the launch of Tonal’s TV spot, Strength Made Me.

Through the 17 different athletes we secured, the shared content resulted to an 11M impression base. Specific posts generated over six million unique impressions and over 230K engagements with the brand.

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