Hybrid Event Services

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Hybrid Event Services

We’re in the brand experience game and we’re experts in creating content. We know the power of live, face-to-face engagement is undeniable. But sometimes, it may not be possible for everyone to experience them.

No matter whether your most important audience is in-person, online or both, we help you tell your story through programming  that is simple, moving, original and effective.  Regardless of the size or location, we can help you create an inclusive, seamless experience that will get people talking and leave them with memories that last a lifetime.

No two experiences should be the same, and that goes for an event that is simultaneously live and virtual. At Jack, we partner with you to evaluate the benefits of any event to ensure it meets your business objectives.  We identify the best formats to deliver content, based on scale, technology and audience profiles. And we make sure that each is treated as its own experience because the last thing you should do is broadcast a live event for a virtual audience or vice versus. Each audience needs to have a unique and dynamic experience that’s appropriate for where they are.

With more than 80 years of experience under our belts and global reach, we’ve seen it, done it and dealt with it all. Which makes Jack uniquely qualified to turn any situation into a world-class brand experience.

Most importantly, we’re flexible and we plan ahead, so we can turn on a dime if plans change – something that’s a necessity in any uncertain time – especially this one.

And when you work with Jack, you also get exclusive access to Jack ethos, our brand experience platform, which can be used to support any event online. Whether your audience is a mixture of live and remote attendees or online only, Jack ethos creates a seamless experience no matter where they are. Ethos enables you to build communities and bring the spirt of a culture to life. Because at the heart of any experience is the sense of community it creates.

Learn more about our hybrid events platform Jack ethos here.

Hybrid Event Experiences

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Our Hybrid Event Services Include

  • Virtual roundtable

    Virtual experiences

    Virtual product launches

    On-demand events

    Live streaming

    Web conferencing

  • Hybrid programs (live + virtual events)

    Chat rooms



    Video content

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