A Cappella Music: Making A Comeback Via Social Media

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July 25th, 2012 By Jack Morton

Every musician and musical group has their own image that they strive to create and portray to their admiring audiences. Thanks to the ever-increasing presence of social media, it has become easier than ever for an artist to put his or her work on display and grow a fan base. Some of you may have heard of an up-and-coming a capella group called Pentatonix, perhaps better known as the winners of the third season of The Sing-Off in November 2011. I had never watched The Sing-Off, but I was lucky enough to come across one of PTX’s videos on a friend’s Facebook wall. It was love at first listen, and I began to look at their various social media outlets to learn more.

Naturally, their main method of sharing their music and extraordinary talent is via YouTube. However, as many smart brands are now doing, they’re reaching out to potential listeners and fans by utilizing Facebook, Twitter, their personal website, and iTunes. It’s so interesting to see how a musical artist or another brand can become well-known by using the same websites we use every single day. In the fast-paced, technology-loving world we call our own, social media is an extremely important tool in spreading brand awareness. After falling in love with PTX’s unique sound and fantastic covers of famous songs, I shared a link (my personal favorite- see below) with a few friends, who may share with their friends, and so on. This domino effect explains how groups can get together, share their music, and become well-known just via social networking. Word-of-mouth is so 2000s- it’s all about sharing online! After advertising themselves, their videos, and their new EP via social media outlets, PTX’s EP was ranked 14th in the Billboard 200, selling 20,000 copies within one week of its release. The beauty of social media!

Now, if you want to take a listen and see if PTX covers one of your favorite songs, see the links below:






Just to give you a teaser of PTX and their style, here’s a link to my favorite video! Give it a listen- hope you like them as much as I do!