Brand marketers should act like retailers

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November 10th, 2010 By Jack Morton

I really, really love the fact that of the 5 tips offered by Beverly Stotz, VP-marketing at Illy Caffe North America, in her interview with Advertising Age on Monday, #1 is training partners to deliver a great experience to customers.

It’s so important that brands think like retailers—and place a priority on aligning that channel to deliver a great experience to end-user consumers.

So hats off to Illy’s Stotz for this reminder, and check out her interview — a great endorsement a marketing strategy that’s heavy on experience and engagement.

And here are all 5 of her tips:

1. Give partners the tools they need for success. Then trust them.

2. Actively engage consumers; give them a reason to choose you.

3. Become a part of your consumers’ ritual.

4. Continually refine your distribution strategy to maximize consumption occasions.

5. If you’re a high-end brand, give the general consumer a point of entry but stay true to your equity.