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July 21st, 2011 By Jack Morton

I’m a deal hunter. Groupon is the sh*t, of which I’ve purchased restaurant discounts, movie rentals, tickets, and a $45 Body Shop credit (for $20!) for my Mom for Mother’s Day to name a few.

For clothes, swag, shoes, etc (dudes only, sorry) JackThreads is full of stealz too, offering up short term liquidation sales of good brand name gear, usually all 50% off. They spread the brand by offering members (membership is free) a $10 credit when friends they invite to the site make their first purchase-

My favorite of all is Slickdeals (not Slickdealz unfortunately), which sort of combines all deal sites into one, and then some— people constantly submit promo codes and deals they find or receive via email, making deals usually only given to past or valued customers to stores, available to everyone. A lot of them are just really good deals on, of which they usually show prices of the product at other reputable online stores to show the discount. It also puts up the best Groupon’s that are not location specific and can be used anywhere. Plus they remind you of free slurpees on July 11th, which I always remember every year about a week before, then forget on the big day, possibly due to July 4th celebrations…

All of these sites are active on Twitter and f-book, making it easy to follow or check for deals, as they are randomly update throughout the day

Foursquare is a peculiar app- it got super popular with a large group of friends up at school this past Spring, as we checked in constantly wherever we went for a few weeks, trying to rack up more points than the others, become mayors of locations, and collect virtual “badges”…after those few weeks, I got a little tired of people sending me alerts that they checked in at their couch, or bedroom, as you are able to manually add locations- kind of a flaw in the system in my opinion. In the end, I did not see much point in the app as it provided me with no benefits- until I checked in at the campus coffee shop, and it offered me a free extra espresso shot with a purchase of a regular espresso…so then that became the only place I would check in at, aside from cool places that I would alert people with to make them jealous (for example sweeeet midfield seats at the LA Galaxy game the other day)

American Express is taking dealz to the next level- linking American Express Cards to f-book and 4square to let people pick their deals-

To sign up, simply head to the “Link, Like, Love” app on the American Express Facebook page and link your AmEx card to your Facebook account (just a few quick steps in a separate and secure window). See a deal you like? Just tap a button, and the special will be loaded directly to your AmEx card—no coupons or printouts necessary.

For example, cardholders can get $20 back for spending $50 at Sports Authority, or $5 back for spending $20 or more at Whole Foods—there will be more than 100 merchants at launch, including 20th Century Fox, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Virgin America. When you swipe your card at a particular merchant, the value of the offer will be reflected on your next AmEx statement.”

something to look out for… vaminoss VISA catch upppp

just found this on Slickdeals… chachinggg