inspirational or hypocritical?

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October 16th, 2012 By Jack Morton

people are allowed to have changes of heart right?

alex bogusky, having made a pretty penny from his previous client coke, has just released a pretty scathing (and well made) indictment of sugary soft drinks.

the reference to coke is obvious.  it’s already got 1.3 mil views so clearly the message is getting out there.

lots are saying it’s disingenuous, since he got rich off pushing coke (the soft drink…not the powdery stuff, but i guess one can’t be too sure).  

what’s worse though…a public change of heart, or staying silent about a cause you now believe in?  now he’s putting his talents to use for the other guys.  i see no problem.

plus he’s putting his money where his mouth is…he’s been making lots of large donations.  now that’s what i call wealth redistribution.