Post re: owned media (+ handy excuse 4 Old Spice man pic)

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August 30th, 2010 By Jack Morton

David Hallerman’s post on “Digital Next” about what marketers can learn from the Old Spice “Man” campaign boils those lessons down to this: it’s about a smart mix of paid, owned and earned media.

(I’m just now putting the finishing touches on an article about owned media and experience brands. More soon.)

That’s not the same lesson learned by Jim Louderback as relayed in his post on today’s Digital Next, titled “Screw Viral Videos.”

Catchy title, and yes there’s always a risk of irrational exhuberance for the latest shiny marketing trend like viral videos (or maybe it’s just eagerness to repost pix of Isaiah Mustafa), but I think Hallerman’s POV has the weightier insight.