Should we overnight those fries?

Jack Blog

July 21st, 2011 By Jack Morton

Though the vast majority of purchases are still made at physical stores, we can all see the writing on the brick-and-mortar walls: buyer behavior is moving online.

But one industry whose storefronts are here to stay: Quick Serve Restaurants. Because the spontaneous, on-the-go meal may be the one thing Apple can’t squeeze into the iPad 2.

So while e-tailers can carefully control each customer experience throughout the online journey, QSR marketers have thousands of locations, disparate store managers, part-time employees, often mishandled POP, and limitless miles between them—and their customers. 

The implication: this industry will continue to struggle, not with positioning or demand, but with a consistent brand experience.

QSR, meet J.A.C.K.