Social Media Influence

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July 22nd, 2011 By Jack Morton

By now, I think there are very few people who still question the value of social media, though there are no universal methods of measurement in place to determine the exact value added by a social media activation.

In the digital space, measurement is essentially (stay with me on this one…) the “golden ticket” everyone is searching for.  However, there are a few analytic tools that can give one an overview of his/her social media influence; my favorites hasve recently been released by Edelman’s Digital team – Tweetlevel and Bloglevel. Such tools give us – the users and consumers of social media – a way to calculate our influence.


Although I’m not, say, Justin Beiber, I am still interested in my clout in the social media space. I have no need to measure my digital activity as if I were a brand investing in a social media campaign, but I do enjoy that there are metrics for even the lowliest of users (like myself).

As these tools keep being developed, I think we will be much closer to establishing a universal way to measure social value. And this will encourage brands to expand their social presence into a more engaging, meaningful way to connect with their core consumers.