Social Media’s Do-Gooder

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September 19th, 2012 By Jack Morton

I admit that I am more than a little jaded by the tendency towards self-absorbed social media (ab)use with self-touting posts like “Check out my vacation pix!” or  #watchmyvideoNOW.

But today, I was re-inspired by the power of social media’s positive impact with the unveiling of Good Magazine’s new, social platform. The online magazine gone social site offers a niche community for sharing good causes and wisdom for socially aware living.  The site uses a “follower/ following” template and a highly visual, ‘Pinteresque’ design with short, topical posts.

Co-founder Ben Goldhirsh says it’s a logical next step in his business model as the company moves from a traditional editorial production to a collaborative community space.


The 3 things I love most about this project:

1) The “Together Let’s..” feed where users can mark events and social-issue based challenges “To Do” or “Done” with friends.

2) The “Good” button for liking posts!

3) Easy sign in with a Facebook plugin.

Good work.