Study shows CNET app reduces stress levels in shoppers

Jack Blog

April 28th, 2011 By Jack Morton

Software provider CNET recently commissioned a biometric study of shoppers to gauge whether using the CNET comparison shopping app helped to reduce stress levels while purchasing. The mobile app impacted shopping behavior positively according to the biometric sensors (testing for perspiration as an indicator of stress) worn by shoppers and confirmed by the follow up survey to participants. Nearly 90% of shoppers thought they made “smarter choices” because of the CNET app and more than half said they would use the app again. One of the most interesting facts is shoppers trusted the app more than the info from the sales associate.

Perhaps shoppers need a new brand experience when shopping; one that focuses on third party reviews and acknowledges a general mistrust of sales associates.

The full findings are in the April edition of Shopper Marketing magazine.