The power of tape…

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April 11th, 2014 By Jack Morton

Recently, Jack Morton Sydney took over the atrium in our building and turned it into a three dimensional spectacular –  all with the use of 350 simple and inexpensive paper streamers. In conjunction with Madi Gras, we turned one of the world’s most recognizable symbols of equality into three floors worth of color, each tagged with a word describing ‘happiness’. We wanted to showcase our values and the diversity that makes up the Jack Morton team.

It goes to show how symbols, with just a touch of creativity, can be transformed into live experiences that provide great opportunity for people to share. Give them a visual feast to take part in, and it becomes their next facebook cover photo, their next Instagram post, or their desktop background. 

Secondly, a single paper streamer on its own has not much value, but magnify that hundreds of times and you get something amazing. One month later at the Sydney Biennale, artist Jim Lambie used the humble gaffe tape to great effect and transformed an entire gallery into an art piece to be walked upon and enjoyed.